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National Interest Waiver #2

Obtain A National Interest Waiver With The Help Of An Informed Legal Team

While labor certification is required for most employment-based visas, certain classifications of individuals may be eligible to immigrate to the United States without the Department of Labor’s certification of a U.S. employer. This can be done through a national interest waiver of labor certification. Such individuals are allowed to self-petition for an employment-based visa.

Priority Worker Exemptions From Labor Certification

The U.S. immigration law firm of Litwin & Smith provides experienced and effective legal counsel focused on achieving the immigration needs of clients in the U.S. and abroad. Our immigration lawyers facilitate visa applications and national interest waiver petitions or other labor certification exemption petitions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

National Interest Waiver

A national interest waiver may be attainable for an individual with an advanced degree or exceptional ability who meets certain criteria, and can demonstrate that his or her employment would be in the national interest or that their employment would benefit the U.S. economy.

Outstanding Researcher Or Teacher

An outstanding researcher or outstanding teacher exemption may be obtained by professors, teachers, or researchers who meet certain requirements and can demonstrate that they are internationally recognized as being at the top of their academic field.

Extraordinary Ability

The extraordinary ability exemption is for individuals who meet certain requirements and can demonstrate they have risen to the top of their respective fields.

Individuals in these classifications may be eligible for an EB-1, EB-2 or any other applicable employment-based visa. Our San Francisco USCIS and visa lawyers can help you identify the most effective method of achieving your immigration objectives.

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