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FREE DOWNLOAD: Click Here To Download The Employers Guide to the H-1B Process.

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Donald Smith always replied to my queries fast and efficient. I highly recommend him.

Ehsan M.

Good afternoon,

I have received the Green Cards for myself and for my family today . I would really like to thank you all for being so helpful and cooperative. Because of the trust I have in you all I have referred some of my friends to your office and I will definitely keep doing that.

Thank you again and stay blessed.

Dear Mr. Smith,

As you could likely tell from the overly-excited and somewhat erratic tone of my voice-nearly callow, I have been more than a bit anxious. I don’t know the law. And I have felt clueless in how to go from where I am to where I would like to be.

You spelled out options, calmly. You shed light on possibilities. I feel less in the dark. (And I did feel I was in the dark, quite deeply in).

The talk has lifted my spirits. I realize there is work to be done.

I am thankful for the hope which you offered so easily and generously and matter-of-factly.

Thank you, Mr. Smith, deeply, with great warmth.


Donald “THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

You, in two simple steps, have answered the question nobody has been able to answer me. The visa process is fast approaching and I was starting to panic. Thank you SO MUCH!

Merry Merry MERRY Christmas to you and your family!


A very good morning to all you:

We received our permanent resident cards yesterday around 2.15 pm. We feel so honored and privileged to be a permanent resident of this great nation, The United States of America. My family and I would like to take this opportunity by thanking each member of your esteemed team, Ms. Fok, Ms. Salvador, Ms. Hung and Mr. Smith for their endeavors. The name “Litwin and Smith” will remain imprinted on the minds of LAL’S for the rest of their lives and generations to come.

I just checked my wife’s status on USCIS website and on March 6,2017 USCIS have ordered new card and will it to the address which we gave them. Thank you to the entire team once again. If any one of you will ever visit Seattle, please let me and my family know we would like to meet you and treat you in a special way.


Pastor L

Dear Donald,

I cannot express my gratitude for what you and your firm has done for me. You know you’re amazing right! You have helped me go forward in so many ways that I am really grateful getting to know you.

Thank you so much!!


Mr. Donald,

I just recommended you to a family friend (He is US citizen) who wants to bring his fiancé (foreigner) to get married and live in the United States.He will be contacting you.

Thank you so much for you great assistance always. I’m grateful to you and find it easy to recommend you to anyone looking for a good immigration attorney. Peace.


Dear Mr. Donald.Smith

Thank you so much for your helping and supporting me till i became united states citizen. I promise you that i will study English language more and more only to express my feelings towards your helping, supporting, and your patience in me.

I have received my citizen certificate on 08/18/2015.

Really, you helped me to achieve the best dream in my life. So I ask God to support you and give you more and more power and knowledge to continue helping those who are like me.

Thank you so much,


We had a consultation with Mr. Smith, preparatory to hiring him. However, he was completely honest that we are on the right track, and will not need his services. He explained what the probable causes are in the delays we are experiencing, and he confirmed that what we planned to do is correct, plus additional tips. His expertise and honesty are remarkable: he was not insinuating that we need a lawyer at all! He is tops.


I have been working with D and L for my H1B and Green card processing. I am very happy about their service. They respond quick and were available to answer any kind of immigration question I had. They communicate very well so that we don’t get surprises. I recommend this law firm. Thank you D and L


I have been interacting with Mr. Donald and Ms. Lisa for the last 3 years for my immigration process requirements. I have been in a situation to return to India as my 6 years H1-B was about to expire on May-2014. Also, my wife was likely to be selected for an Accounts position in a school where my son is studying. I contacted Mr. Donald and placed my situation. Mr. Donald heard my case patiently and spent more time with me during the call to review my situation and started providing solutions for my requirements. Mr. Donald answered our questions and provided recommendations in every step of the process till the completion J1/J2 visa for our family. Now, I am back to US with my family on Oct-2014 and my son is continuing in the same school where he studied.

The strengths of Litwin Smith and Mr. Donald are Customer Focus, Customer Satisfaction, understanding customer situation and their needs, immediate response for all our questions and clarifications, providing solutions for every step of the process till we reach the target. Also, Mr. Donald accepted the payments in few installments which were very helpful.

Overall, I am very much satisfied with Litwin Smith and their support, professionalism & coordination. I would recommend Litwin Smith for any individuals who are like me and companies who wish to handle their immigration requirements successfully.


I had the pleasure to interact with Donald Smith twice, for an O-1 visa and an EB-1 visa. All along the procedure, he provided excellent guidance, answered all the questions that I had, and he prepared with me strongly documented applications, paying attention to the details. I am very satisfied about the collaboration and his professionalism.


Litwin & Smith is among the best firms I’ve ever had the pleasure to engage with. I came with a very urgent case that seemed very weak and scheduled a 1-hour consultation with Donald.
The 1 hour became 3.5 hours where Donald asked all the right questions in order to understand our case fully.
He then shared some brilliant ideas on directions that we were not aware of, and that can really strengthen our case.
To make a short story shorter, 4 days later, we’ve submitted the papers through Litwin & Smith. It was Thursday, and since we had very limited time, both Donald and Lisa (His pre-legal) stayed until 8 PM to finish with the paperwork and get it out the same day.
We also had the pleasure of spending some time with Ed Litwin who also stayed late that day. He is one of the nicest people we’ve met, very knowledgeable, with tons of experience and a great sense of humor.
Everyone that we’ve met from this firm was highly professional, had very high integrity and most important treated us as human beings and not like “cash-machines”.
I’m definitely going to do more business with them and fully recommend this firm to anyone who needs a reliable, top performing immigration lawyer.


“Of course I will be there at 10am on Jan 29th, with my Oath Notice. Thank you. You guys have been fantastic.”

Thank you!


I wanted to write you this quick note because for me is important to acknowledge and recog
nize good work when I see it.

As you know I have had my share of working with immigration law firms since I came to the US in 2007 and even before; my I-130 petition, initial H1-B and an 2 changes of employment on my H1B, etc.

I wish to commend the work done by your team and the way they are handling my case, specially M and J. Such professionalism is rare nowadays and they are a great asset to your Firm.

I’m a believer that the quality of a firm’s employees and associates is an indication of future success, so I’m sure that Litwin & Smith has a very bright future in front of them.

Happy New Year,

You are the best !


Dear D and L,

Thank you very much for the excellent work you have done for me as a client during the GC process. I am very happy that my old employer choose Litwin & Smith for this process. I truly appreciate your work ethics and attention to minute details and perfect advice to me on my questions all through these years.

I know as common non legal people we complaint about lawyers and off course their fees etc. but because of you guys I have high regards for people in the field of law and what good attorneys can do for a case like mine where I never got a single RFE while I look at my other friends receiving multiple RFE’s.

So once again I am very impressed with your work and please convey my regards and appreciation to each and every one at Litwin & Smith for a job well done.

I will never hesitates to continue to work with you and recommend Litwin & Smith to friends and Family.


Dear E, D, and L,

I would like to say Thank All of You so much for your effort and time on my case! Your patience, diligence and professionalism contributed much to the good result. I feel so lucky that M and me choose your team at the beginning. It proves that we made a wise decision. You took the stress for us and also tried to think out of the box to help us. I will always be grateful!


Hello D/L,

Yaaaaaaaay!! I woke up to be a US citizen today. Attached is my certificate of naturalization.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to both of you and everyone else at Litwin & Smith who made this happen. Thank you! I deeply appreciate your help in this process. I will party this weekend and when I do, I will raise a toast for both of you.

Both of you have a great weekend and a nice memorial day holiday!

Take care,

I appreciate your detailed explanation and efforts to my case and my daughter case. You not only provide excellent service but also improve our knowledge on the law. Your patience and friendships give me deep impression. I definitely will recommend you to my friends if they have any law issues.

My daughter will come to your office on Thursday afternoon. She is quiet and shy and you know English is our headache.


I would like to express my appreciation for the handling of my case. I was very pleased with the work you did – it was thorough and proactive. I must also compliment you on your patience and quick responses to all the queries.

With best wishes

“J” has been wonderful to work with. She is helping me with a green card application, and from the moment I retained their firm, she has communicated promptly, providing a great level of detail on the necessary documentation and deadlines, and supporting me throughout the process. She went beyond what is required of an attorney in a green card case, and I am very pleased that I have/had an opportunity to work with her!


If I have to say few sentences about you it is not enough. The first time I saw you was when I came to your office to submit my I-485 application paper work, during that visit when I was introduced to you I was little scared as to how you would handle my case going forward. But after all the things that happened to my I-485 application I definitely think you are the one who won’t wait for things to happen, but rather make things happen. Myself and my family are relieved, now that we got our receipts for our I-485 application and the whole credit goes to you and your supporting staff. I personally think you have done a great job with whatever situation you were put in and would definitely recommend you and your law firm for their immigration needs. Hope you have a good career growth and enjoy your life!!!!


A quick note –

It’s a pleasure working with you. Everything you’ve done seems to show a fine understanding of the legal process entailed by LL’s application, and clear thinking, conscientious effort, steadiness, and general helpfulness. I cannot speak for LL, but do I hope to express how much I appreciate the quality you have shown.


I wanted to thank you again. I’m so incredibly happy. This is a big day for me. Thank you for helping me make it. I would not make it without you.


You and “M” did a meticulous job and I appreciated the guidance at every step. Top notch.


At this time, I would like to thank you and your firm for providing excellent services and support in our efforts to immigrate to the U.S.

This is an important milestone in our lives, and you have been instrumental in making it possible.

Warm Regards,

Dear Mr. Litwin & Staff,

You really made a difference!

We are thankful for helping us become U.S. Citizens. We could have not done it without your help.

Thank you very much!!!!


E, D, & D,

Thank you very much for your excellent and professional service. I also thank you for expediting the process.

I was sworn in as a U.S. Citizen on the 29th of April and I could not have done it on my own if not for the help you’ve extended.

Looking forward to doing business with you again and as opportunity comes my way, I will surely and proudly recommend your service.


Dear C,

We feel a great debt of gratitude to you for leading us through the labyrinthine halls of U.S. Immigration, and for doing so with diligence, care, and acumen. You are a credit to your profession and we wish you all good fortune and success in life.

Do let us know if you find yourself in D.C.

Best wishes,
R and S

I would like to express my deep appreciation to you for the great efforts and results to help us in our immigration process. Honestly I did not believe that we could receive a citizenship for my younger son in this time. But thanks to your great knowledge and experience recently he has received invitation on oath for his citizenship. Today my elder son has received citizenship. Thus all members of my family are US citizens now. It was one of most important goal for me after we came in US. Now this goal is reached thanks to your help.

Thank you very much again.

Best regards,

Yay!!! I am actually very happy with Litwin. I must say you guys are so methodical and you store all information and remind me even when there are renewals. I hope that I can continue as your client even with my new employer. You deserve a pat on your back for the systemic approach.

Hi C,

I received a copy of the I-360 submittal for Pastor B and wanted to thank you for your comp
lete and detailed work. From my first call to Mr. Litwin and through the process with you and L I was always impressed with everyone s professionalism and courtesy. THANK YOU for a job well done. It s nice to come across a business that executes everything they said they would do and more. We will wait to hear from you on the response from the Dept of Homeland Security. Blessings on you and yours.

Best Regards

Dear Mr Litwin,

With the receipt of my wife’s Permanent Resident card, our business
with your firm has been brought to a successful conclusion.

Before signing off, we wish to place on record our appreciation of the
swift, professional and courteous service that my wife and I have
invariably received, especially from AM and MF.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr. Litwin,

I became U.S. citizen on March 20th, 2008 because of your hard work. March 20th is a special day for me because of first day of spring and Iranian New Year. When I was coming back to my home from the ceremony I tried to call you to say thank you but I couldn’t get the chance to talk, anyhow I left a message.

Mr. litwin I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your associates, especially L and C for your hard work. I really appreciate all you did for me, and the first chance I get, I like to come visit you all. Have a wonderful day.

Sincerely yours,

Best regards,


Dear M,
Thank you so much for your help with my case. I’m sure I bugged you too much with constant questions. I appreciate your patience with me. You and A make a fantastic team.


Dear A,
Thank you so much for everything! I can not imagine how things would have turned out if you were not my attorney. You made the whole process, the long journey so painless.

Thank you!

Hello A,

I finally got my green card this week and would like
to thank you for all great job you did!

I also would like to let you know that your associate
E. L. who was working on my case was always very
very helpful and ready to answer any questions I had.
It was a great pleasure to work with you guys!

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Best Regards

Dear A and E,

I would like you to know that I am very thankful for you professional
help. You really made the difference.

Congratulations for your fantastic performance.

Thank you very much again.

Best regards,

Hi A,

M has already contacted me about this, and yes, my wife and I received
the 485 approval notices yesterday. This is so great, and I can’t thank you enough
for getting us through this! To be honest, it hasn’t sunk in yet, but I still feel great!

A, both you and M have been so helpful and professional throughout the
whole process, and I would not hesitate one moment to refer you to others.
Your whole law firm is just fantastic!

Thanks, and talk to you soon.

Dear Mr. Litwin,

Well, I have finished the Naturalization process, except for the swearing-in part, and I wanted to tell you thank you for your attention to my case. I am sure it would have taken much longer and been much more stressful without your firm. Just the application itself looked so spiffy when your office did it, that if I were a clerk at INS I would find it a pleasure to work on it!

Anyway, I am glad I retained your firm. I didn’t know what to expect. You tried to save me the cost of your fee at the outset, and I very much appreciated that. D was always pleasant and helpful and AM’s guidance for the interview eased the stress. It was a good experience. Maybe one of these days I’ll have the opportunity to recommend Litwin & Smith to someone else.

With sincere thanks,

August 1, 2007
By this note, L and J B, would like to extend their heart felt thanks and gratitude to Edward Litwin and his staff for helping us establish our new home here in the USA.Your detailed knowledge, experience and “on-time” performance regarding all petitions, immigration’s regulation and solid legal work and guidance culminated in permanent residence for my wife L.
Thanks again and we shall be in touch.
J & L B

Hi C,
That is a fantastic news. It’s great relief to finally get into the last pipeline…-:) I can not thank you and your team enough for accomplishing this task so fast and accurately in such a tight time frame. I surely am glad that I chose your firm to represent me.


Dear DD,

I received the welcome notice and the physical permanent residency card for me and my wife on saturday. My journey towards the permanent residency ended after 5.3yrs. I would like to thank all the staffs at Litwin associate for their support during the process. Thanks for your support.

Hi CL,

Thank you for all your advices and informative consultations. Benson and I really felt like you genuinely cared about our issue and my family’s issue.

You’re very kind hearted, smart, and thorough with your work. I’m so happy that the process of changing my status went smoothly and quickly-thanks to Litwin & Smith’ expertise.

I cannot emphasize how happy I am with the service that both you and Mr. Litwin provided. I am lucky to have stumbled upon Litwin & Smith, Yay Google!

Litwin & Smith offers exceptional client service and you guys rock!

Best regards,
A very satisfied client

We’ve got the extension of visa yesterday morning.
I picked-up myself the envelope from FedEx location in Sunnyvale ( I was there five minutes before opening).
Our son has filed the renewal exactly first day after expiration of his driving license.
It was perfect!
We would like to appreciate once again your great support. You did unforgettable perfect job for us!
We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Best regards,
V. C.

Thank You for the successful filing. I just got the news from my HR that my
I-140 has been successfully approved. It was just unbelievable as it was
approved with in a month or so. Thank you so much for this.

I wish you, your family and friends have a joyous holiday season and a safe
and prosperous New Year 2007.

Hope 2007 will be a lucky year for my I-485 filing.


The interview went very smoothly. The officer entered my information into the computer and wrote a new FIN number on my passport. She said she will also send Love and me an email confirmation stating that I was registered and in compliance. I’ll send you a copy of the passport with the new FIN number via email tonight.
Love is very professional and experienced. She also seems to know a lot of people in the immigration office. Thank you for offering her to help with my interview. I felt a lot more comfortable going to the interview with her.



My wife and I received our green cards in the mail today. All our info
on the card is in order, so I guess this is the end of a (somewhat) long
road. I had to wait almost 3 years for my LC, but the 140 and 485 took
barely 9 months, combined.

I must thank both of you, for all the work you put
into my
case, especially Una for being so diligent with all the paperwork and
up-to-date on all the developments in the case. Great job! Please
convey my thanks.

Given the fact that my original employer had been acquired by another
company, I was expecting at least one RFE. But I guess you
put together a pretty solid case on my behalf.

Have I reached the end of the green-card process? Is there some
follow-up action for us to take now?

Best regards,


As you must be knowing I got my Green Card in the mail some two weeks ago and i called and left a message after that, hope you got the message.

I wanted to thank you both for working seamlessly on my case, and helping me and making me understand the process and also answering my endless questions and doubts thru the entire process of green card filing till approval. You guys have been so nice and helpful that i am really glad that i came to your firm for my GC. When i talk to my friends about their experience i realize how good and prompt you guys were in replying to my phone calls and emails. I wanted write you this thank you mail from long time but some how was not getting enough time, so finally today i took the time out to write this email.

You see for somebody who is an immigrant or on temporary Visa in this country, getting a Green card is very important thing. Because it is a key to his/her career & his future. This thing being so important when somebody like me gives a case to the lawyer firm for filing GC its like giving away one’s life to the company and if one goes to the wrong firm then his future, his career and everything is at risk. At Litwin Law Firm you guys understood this thing, u knew how important this can be for an individual and so u worked with me and helped me and answered me (even though some time is used to become little naggy) u kept your cool and coped up with my worries, fears, doubts for the gc approval process.

Thank you very much and i will recommend your firm to all the people i know or who ask me about the immigration lawyers.

Account Mgr

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