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H-1B 10 Day Grace Period

H-1B 10 Day Grace Period

Is the 10 day grace period to leave USA after losing job on H1B visa still applicable after USCIS issued new rule in Jan2017?

Is the 10 day grace period still applicable after losing job on H1B visa after USCIS had issued new rule to extend grace period to 60 days in Jan 2017, Lets say a H1B employee lost job on Nov 1st , 2017,Can he/she stay in USA until Jan 9th 2017 , i.e 60 days +10 days?

Upon termination of employment an H1B is immediately out of status. a 60 day grace period within the I-94 may extend status if sponsored by H1B employer within the 60 days. If not employer sponsorship 10 day grace period follows termination within I-94. time outside I-94 accrues unlawful presence. However, not all particulars about your circumstances are known. Leaving the US immediately upon termination is not always the best option. Consider a consultation with an experienced Litwin & Smith attorney to discuss the best option in your particular circumstance.

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