FREE DOWNLOAD: Click Here To Download The Employers Guide to the H-1B Process.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Click Here To Download The Employers Guide to the H-1B Process.
Immigration Attorneys at Litwin & Smith Use The H-1B Visa Program to Give Employers That Need Specialized Knowledge a Competitive Edge

The H-1B Visa Program

Is vital for industries that need specialized knowledge, such as information technology, engineering, mathematics, and science. It allows the best individuals worldwide to join the US workforce, enhancing innovation and competitive edge. 

Litwin & Smith Immigration Attorneys

Litwin & Smith is a reputable law firm specializing in immigration law with a proven track record of helping clients with the H-1B visa process. Here’s how they can help:

  • The law firm offers comprehensive advice on preparing and submitting registrations and petitions, ensuring adherence to all USCIS requirements.
  • Their skills can help avoid typical mistakes that cause rejections or delays.
  • They can also monitor crucial deadlines for registration, application submission, and any follow-up actions needed, ensuring that companies complete all USCIS timelines effectively.

Litwin & Smith’s expert immigration lawyers also help prepare and submit the LCA to the Department of Labor, ensuring that it matches the job offer and meets wage requirements and working conditions. They guide compliance with all federal laws, including wage obligations, workplace conditions, and non-discrimination practices, to prevent any legal problems that could occur during or after the H-1B process.

The immigration lawyers at Litwin & Smith are the best immigration law firm because they have the highest success rate for H1-B Visa approvals compared to other immigration law firms. Their expert immigration attorneys check and ensure the correctness and completeness of all documents needed for the H-1B petition, including company documents, job descriptions, and the beneficiary’s qualifications.

Their team carefully evaluates the candidate’s suitability for the visa based on education, work experience, and the job offer to ensure the position qualifies as a specialty occupation. They can help correctly classify the job according to USCIS criteria, advising on how to describe the job duties and requirements to meet the definition of a specialty occupation.

The Best Law Firm for H1-B Visa Employers

Litwin & Smith petitions rarely receive a Request for Evidence (RFE). We often help other filers with an RFE Response. If USCIS issues an RFE for a petition, Litwin & Smith lawyers can prepare a detailed and persuasive response that addresses the agency’s questions, thereby increasing the likelihood of approval.

When the H-1B lottery selection does not favor the applicant, immigration lawyers can suggest other visa categories that may fit the candidate, such as L-1, O-1, or TN visas. Their team is committed to helping companies develop backup plans to manage the workforce effectively, regardless of the visa lottery result.

If you are preparing an H-1B petition, Litwin & Smith’s skilled team urges you to contact them immediately.

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