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The FY 2022 H1B Cap Registration Period Has Ended!

The 2022 H1B Cap Registration Period Has Ended!

USCIS will conduct computer-generated random selection, aka Lottery, to select regular quota filing registrants, then the master’s quota filing registrants.
USCIS will notify employers by March 31 and let them know whether their petitions have been selected in the Lottery. If chosen, employers will have up to 90 days to file an H1B petition.


Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in all opportunities and requirements associated with non-immigrant H visas. The immigration law firm of Litwin & Smith assists United States employers and foreign nationals in obtaining H1B visas. These visas enable foreign professionals to work in the U.S. temporarily on a short- or long-term basis. Contact us if you are a foreign professional seeking an H1B visa or an employer wishing to hire a non-U.S. citizen for employment.

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The H-1B visa is one of the most coveted non-immigrant visas. It is an appealing visa option due to foreign nationals’ ability to have dual intent (the intent to enter the U.S. on a temporary work visa and obtain an adjustment of status to an immigrant visa eventually). The efficient, accurate filing of your visa application is paramount to the success of your case.

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