Business Partner Visa Requested. What visa does a non-resident business partner require to do business in USA?

I am a permanent resident of US. My future business partner from India is not a US citizen/resident. We plan to start a photography/event management business in the US. He may have to fly to the US to conduct business here. What visa is recommended for him?

The B1, business visitor, visa is appropriate for short trips to the US to attend meetings. Other, non-immigrant or immigrant visas may be available depending on additional information and/or planning. In certain circumstances H, E, L, O, and other non-immigrant visas are available. If a future business partner owns a business in India, we might explore options for an L1 intracompany transfer. It is also possible the employment based immigrant visas may be available. While a person or a business may not qualify for a US immigration benefit at this time. One can make a plan that will permit the person or business to qualify for a US immigration benefit in the future.