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U.S. Consulates Increase Denials of Blanket L-1 Visas Petitions

We are receiving reports from other U.S. immigration attorneys of frequent refusals of Blanket L-1 visas petition by U.S. Consulates. These denial have been reported for several reasons as broad as “not clearly approvable” (some with instruction not to reapply for a blanket L petition at the consulate with additional evidence but instead was advised to inform the petitioner to file an individual L petition with USCIS) to a blanket L petition for a functional manager position on the grounds that the individual does not manage other employees, and under a blanket L petition for a specialized knowledge position on the grounds of insufficient evidence that the job could not be performed by a U.S. worker.

While no immigration law firm is absolutely safe from Blanket L-1 visa denials Litwin & Smith is very successful in preparing and obtaining Blanket L-1 visa submission as well as L-1 petitions to USCIS for owners, managers and executives and specialized knowledge employees as well as subsequent immigrant visas and green cards for the L1 sponsored employees. We prepare hundreds of petitions each year. We offer excellent service at a competitive price. Of course, price isn’t everything. We are also known for our availability, responsiveness, timeliness, professionalism and expertise.

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