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DS160 Previously completed with 221(g) document request wrong information

Location: San Francisco, CA

I applied for tourist visa 25 years ago, with my parents. But, I have been in the US by myself at school. The first time I applied for a visa, I didn’t know that it was refused as they just needed more documents. We submitted more documents and received the visa. Next 10 year, I applied for F-1visa and got approved. But, didn’t state I had a prior visa application that was refused or denied. I’m going to apply for a new tourist visa and just wonder if I made a mistake on DS160 when I applied for the F-1 visa last time? I answered “NO” to the question, “Have you been refused visa?” because I didn’t think that the first time (10years ago) that I applied the US Consulate had refused me, as I just needed more documents. I read lots of articles and they said, I have to put “Yes”. What should I put on DS160 this time “yes or no”. If I made a mistake last time what should I do? I don’t want to lie.

A person with a 221g request for additional documentation is a visa refusal. The applicant completing a DS-160 in the future should put on DS160 this time “yes” a visa was refused. Even, if you made a mistake last time. You don’t want to lie. Simply, be prepared to explain. You did not know the 221(g) request was a refusal when completing the form previously.

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