USCIS Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) Activated for Employment Based Petitions; H1B, E, L, R, TN, & I-140 s etc.

VIBE is an e-tool to enhance USCIS' adjudications of employment-based immigration petitions. VIBE uses the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) profile information garnered from commercially available data to validate petitioning company or organization information. We recommend for companies to check their profile and make sure that their information is correct to avoid requests for evidence. Updating your information is not a substitute for responding to a VIBE RFE and failure to respond to a VIBE RFE could result in a denial. Although, USCIS has initiated VIBE in beta-testing, VIBE RFEs have already been reported.

The VIBE Program is discussed here.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this new requirement.